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4th of July!

Welcome and thanks for coming! We're having a great year so far. Now that we're halfway through the season, our memberships are half price! This sale will continue through the end of the season. As always, if you have any questions or concerns with the pool, please email us at


Plan Your Visit

Open Swim Schedule

Monday: Closed for Cleaning

Tuesday - Friday: 9:30a - 9:00p

Saturday - Sunday: 12:30p - 9:00p 

Schedule Flexibility

Note that on Mondays, if the cleaning ends early, we will open the pool in the afternoon. And on the weekends, if no private party is scheduled, open swim can begin at 9:30. We will post these updates  on our Facebook page, so check often!

Adult Swim

The pool is reserved from 7:00a - 9:30a everyday for adult swim. Please respect this quiet time for our neighbors who enjoy this start to their day!

Private Events

The pool can be reserved from 9:30a - 12:30p on weekends for private parties. Click below for information and to make a reservation. 

Share your photos!

Check out our

new website

Our previous site served our pool and community faithfully for a long, long time. We reached a point where we needed a newer site that would be nicer for mobile devices and handle modern payment systems. With the new site, we want to include more pictures from our community! Click here to send us photos from the pool, and then check back to see our community!

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